Rob Roy Statue

A model of the kilted Scottish hero Rob Roy, has been in place on the rocky bank of Culter Burn, since around 1850, at the west of the village of Peterculter, just outside Aberdeen, Scotland.

Chairman of the Rob Roy Preservation Trust, Doug Middleton, said: “Legend has it Rob Roy leapt across the stream in pursuit of Hanoverian troops right at the point it stands today.  It’s an important part of Culter’s heritage and it is also an attractive asset for locals and tourists.”

The Scottish weather has taken it’s toll on the Rob Roy statues over the years and the latest Rob Roy statue was removed in July 2016.


The Rob Roy Preservation Trust, which is a non profitable organisation, have recently commissioned David J Mitchell to create a replacement statue but there are considerable replacement costs involved which we as a community must raise.

The statue will be cast in a composite material less susceptible to environmental conditions plus by incorporating a lifting structure to the mould, this will make maintenance easier as the years roll on.

Any contributions you can give to this worthy cause will be gratefully received and all monies made will go towards putting Rob Roy back on the rock where he belongs amidst Peterculter’s great heritage.

Fundraising News

Rob Roy Fundraising Update

New Rob Roy Statue

Fundraising for the new Rob Roy statue has been going well and the Rob Roy Preservation Trust are hopeful that Rob Roy will soon be back on the rock where he belongs.

Fundraising Dance

The Rob Roy Preservation Trust held a fundraiser on Saturday 1st April 2017 at the Culter Mill Club to raise funds towards putting the new Rob Roy statue back on the rock.

The night was a big success, with all tickets for …. Read More »